One Competition – Three Quarters – Many, Many Possibilities

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The title doesn’t properly describe just how close the 2017 competition is with only one quarter remaining. Four universities less than 4% apart and 12 with about a 10% difference. With this variety of CRE investment options, returns seem to be very mixed. RMBS, both prime and subprime, have been fantastic, industrial, as either REITs or private equity keep on moving strong, and home financing mortgage REITs shouldn’t be ignored. Meanwhile, healthcare REITs, private East coast office, and office REITs did not post impressive returns this quarter.

So what’s going on in the top 5?

  • The University of Georgia keeps their #1 rank, but their gap closes to only 40 basis points.
  • Rice University stays at #2, but will that 5% allocation to Timber REITs hurt of help in the end?
  • Texas Tech jumps up to #3 from #4 with an impressive 6.23% quarterly return.
  • Dropping one notch is Temple University, but still in the hunt currently at#4.
  • Finally,  Monmouth University posted an impressive 6.53% total return, jumping 4 spots to round out the top 5.

Any others to note?

  • Congrats to Hollins University jumping 4 spots to 16th.  They might be a bit back, but the market can be moody.
  • Sorry to the University of Regensburg, our participant from Germany, fall 22 spots this quarter. Healthcare REITs are to blame.
  • We’re a little top heavy, again.  16 schools are outperforming the 2017 RCUC Index, as 22 fall below the used benchmark.

Can you just get to the quarterly winners?

  • Top Private Portfolio – the University of San Diego with a 5.06%.

DYK –   This is their third quarterly win (2x -2016).  I know they shoot for the grand prize, but they might get there in quarterly totals.

  • Top Public Portfolio – Monmouth University at 6.53%.

DYK – Back-to-back quarterly wins, up four spots and the all-in on industrial strategy is paying off…for now.



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